Interview With BisNow

Elizabeth Skidmore photo

Recently one of PGTI’s co-convenors, Liz Skidmore was interviewed for an article in BisNOw, a national real estate development journal.  The article discusses progress PGTI and partners have made in the fight to recruit and retain womena nd people of color in the construction industry.  It highlights the progress in construction apprentice programs in increasing both the number and the percent of female apprentices in Massachusetts.  “Women in construction apprentice programs in Massachusetts leaped from 180 in 2012 (4.2% of all active apprentices) to 473 (6.9%) in 2016.”

PGTI’s work with the MA Gaming Commission and the UMass Building Authority are prime examples of public developers actually creating a diverse workforce for their construction projects.  BisNow reported that the article was its top viewed piece the day it was posted, and continues to have very high readership (54,000 in the first four days).  Read the full article here.


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