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The purpose of this website is to provide connections to existing information, as well as share PGTI created resources. This site showcases PGTI’s three-pronged approach to increase women’s participation in construction careers: recruitmentretention, and compliance and enforcement. We have also included an archive of all resources, which are alphabetized by title and searchable using the top right search box. 

We also update this website with additional reports, links, and related material. If you would like to share something on the PGTI website, please email the webmaster.

Women in Construction: Reports

Women and Construction: reports and resources

Women’s Bureau, US Department of Labor

The Women’s Bureau’s Women Build, Protect, and Move America portal includes information and resources about women accessing higher-paying careers in transportation, construction and protective services. You can learn about training and apprenticeship opportunities, supportive services, existing research and tradeswomen organizations. You’ll also find success stories, promising practices and guidance on your workplace rights. Click here to get started.

Recruitment and Retention

The resources in this section provide additional information on the organizations, government policies, and research data that support, guide, and inform successful recruitment and retention efforts.

Build A Life That Works

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Women need our help getting into the trades and staying in the trades. The Build A Life That Works Initiative reaches women who have not known about the opportunities and benefits of work in the union construction trades and provides them with regular updates and information on how to find these opportunities. Reach out to Build a Life at or contact Ann Kurian, Pipeline Navigator,

Apprenticeships and Training

MBE & WBE Support

Tradeswomen Organizations & Resources

Compliance and Enforcement

“You can no longer get around it, so you might as well get over it.”

Compliance and Enforcement Listing
Enforcement Agencies
Federal, State, and Municipal Workforce Participation Laws
PGTI “Cheatsheets”

Construction Workforce Compliance Data

Example Project Labor and Community Benefits Agreements