Women and Construction: reports and resources

  • The Review of Disparity Studies for the Policy Group on Tradeswomen’s Issues (2009), Randy Albelda, Professor of Economics and Senior Research Affiliate, Center for Social Policy, University of Massachusetts Boston. “Nobody seems to like disparity studies except perhaps the private contractors who are paid handsomely to do them.   Academics roundly criticize them for their shoddy data and methodology while organizations that want to increase as well as those who want to decrease women’s and minority representation dislike them because the findings from the studies are used to conclude what these organizations do not want them to conclude.”
  • The Construction Careers Handbook: a guide for how to create construction careers programs that leverage public investment in public construction projects to create career opportunities for low-income communities. Partnership for Working Families. July 2013.
  • For the People By the People: best practices for maximizing resident, minority, and female participation on construction projects, as learned through the construction of The Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center in Boston. Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative. February 2012.
  • The Construction Chart Book: The fifth edition of The Construction Chart Book form the CPWR presents the most complete data available on all facets of the U.S. construction industry: economic, demographic, employment/income, education/training, and safety and health issues, plus much more.

2016 report from City of Boston



Lessons from the Canterbury New Zealand Rebuild


Community Benefits and Diversity

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