Resources for stakeholders

Finishing the Job is PGTI’s checklist for all stakeholders. In addition we provide links to …

Resources for Construction Owners and Developers

Owners have the power to ensure that the construction workers their job sites are diverse, and that hiring tradeswomen is a priority.

Identifying the Labor Pool with Disparity Studies: The MA cities of Worcester and Springfield commissioned Workforce Disparity Studies that found qualified and interested women workers were underutilized in the construction trade work. In layman’s terms, the women are out there, ready and willing to work. That’s a good thing for a project owner seeking a labor pool.

Requiring diverse workers on your site with PLAs


Resources for Contractors and Subcontractors

Employing and retaining women workers will make your company competitive on jobs with diversity goals. Whether you employ a tight group of workers as sub-contractor or manage many large crews as a GC/CM, the Finishing the Job Best Practices handbook has a checklist to guide you through the steps to find, and keep, qualified women workers.

Resources for Building Trade Unions

Good jobs


Resources for Tradeswomen and Career Seekers

Want to become a tradeswoman? Visit to explore trade careers, read real tradeswomen stories, and take the first step to getting started.

Join us for Tradeswomen Tuesdays. At these events, tradeswomen come together to lead a presentation for new women on the benefits, and challenges, of trade careers, and how to get started.

Join our Tradeswomen Speakers Bureau. This group connects community groups, schools and other organizations with tradeswomen representatives to increase visibility of tradeswomen at career fairs and other events.

Find out when building trades apprenticeship programs are accepting applications in the MA Statewide Apprenticeship Directory.

This Resource Map from the National Center for Women’s Equity in Apprenticeship shows tradeswomen resources and organizations across the country.

Resources for Training and Apprenticeship Programs

The pipeline for women interested in trade careers is at To learn how to tap into this pipeline and get more women applying to your apprenticeship, contact Program Director Kate Harrison Leon at

Here’s a list of Ten Things Apprenticeship Programs Can Do to Increase Their Numbers of Women

Webinar for you: Best Practices in Recruiting and Retaining Women to Join Construction Apprenticeship ta slide

Resources for Community-Based Organizations

Pipeline and monitoring