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Our most important stakeholders are Tradeswomen and women seeking careers in the trades

Want to become a tradeswoman? Visit to explore trade careers, read real tradeswomen stories, and take the first step to getting started. Register under Get Started to learn more and be on our database of future Tradeswomen. Join us for Tradeswomen Tuesdays. At these events, tradeswomen come together to lead a presentation for new women on the benefits, and challenges, of trade careers, and how to get started. Additional resources outside of Massachusetts are available here.

Find out when Building Trades Apprenticeship Programs are accepting applications in the MA Statewide Union Apprenticeship Directory (2021).

You are a tradeswoman! Join our Tradeswomen Speakers Bureau. This group connects community groups, schools and other organizations with tradeswomen representatives to increase visibility of tradeswomen at career fairs and other events. Be part of the movement to 20% tradeswomen. This Resource Map from the National Center for Women’s Equity in Apprenticeship shows tradeswomen resources and organizations across the country.

Additional research and resources for women are in our archive and go here for more information on tradeswomen’s networks, child care supports and leadership development.

For our labor, community and business partners…

Finishing the Job Best Practices (V9 2021) includes Best Practices checklists for each industry stakeholder. Additional resources are available on stakeholder pages.

Search here for additional resources in the PGTI Archives.