Workforce Disparity Studies

PGTI and Prof. Sofya Aptekar of UMass Boston are collaborating to conduct Construction Workforce Disparity Studies for municipalities that are seeking the data needed to increase gender and racial diversity among construction workers within their cities. These studies are based on a unique methodology that corrects the methods used by high-priced consultants who ignore workforce discrimination and only look at business opportunities. A critique of the consultant-based methods is available here.

The first Aptekar study, for the City of Springfield, was completed in 2018. As a result, the City Council and the Mayor of Springfield approved an ordinance in February 2019 that requires contractors on public construction projects to meet minimum hiring requirements for women, minorities, veterans and city residents.

The Springfield Construction Industry Disparity Study is available for download here: Springfield Disparity Study 4.18

The City of Worcester’s Workforce Disparity Study, completed in May 2019, is available at Worcester Construction Workforce Disparity Study 6.19.

A disparity study provides a solid legal foundation for cities and towns seeking to implement legal measures to increase the diversity of their construction workforce. PGTI and Prof. Aptekar provide these studies as a public resource and at a cost far below those of private consultants. For a consultation on the value of disparity studies or to discuss contracting for a study, contact Susan Moir, PGTI Research Director, at or