2018 Apprentice Data: 26.45% increase in women apprentices in MA union JATCs


The Division of Apprentice Standards’ 2018 year-end numbers for Registered Apprentices demonstrated the increase in women apprentices in joint union programs that the industry has been feeling in the field.

  • Over 100 women built the MGM Casino in Springfield.
  • Over 300 women are working at Encore in Everett.
  • The UMass Building Authority (UMBA) has three Access and Opportunity Committees  (AOCs) monitoring diversity on its campuses and is planning a new one at UMass Dartmouth.
  • The City of Boston has raised its target to 12% women’s hours.

The demand for tradeswomen has reached record highs in the state and the data shows that the joint apprenticeship programs have stepped up to address the demand over the past year. The full year-end 2018 report, including data on each JATC, can be downloaded here.

In the spirit of crushing the barriers to our goal of 20% tradeswomen by 2020, we would like to acknowledge the 14 JATCs across the state that increased the number of women apprentices in their program by greater than 20%.

over 20% in 2018



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