Gender equity in the construction workforce: A proven framework for crushing the barriers

As we have said at every PGTI meeting for 11 years, there is no silver bullet to crushing the barriers to women’s access to good jobs in the trades and to reaching the goal of 20% by 2020. But there are strategies, best practices and game changers that move the needle faster than others. Below is our most recent “one pager.” Adapted from the success stories of the Canterbury Rebuild in New Zealand –where women reached 17% of the construction workforce –and informed by our work in Massachusetts and the inspiring work of stakeholders in Portland, OR led by Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc., the five strategies included in the Diversity Framework can be laid over all diversity efforts from pre-apprenticeship to monitoring workforce compliance and supporting retention. We believe these principles can substantially accelerate progress in opening the trades to women. Let us know what you think.

Download here.proven framework

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