Leading the Nation: 9.22% women in union apprenticeship programs

2019 Q3 Current demographics of women and minority participants in Registered Apprenticeship Programs in Massachusetts
The latest data is in and 9.22% of union trade apprentices in Massachusetts are now women. This means Massachusetts has the highest percentage of women in union apprenticeships than anywhere in the US. This is despite the national US average of 3.4%. We landed the top spot this quarter by pulling ahead of Oregon, another state implementing strategies to recruit and retain women in the trades.
The supply of women workers is in the union sector, and is growing steadily. 95% of women in trade apprenticeship are in joint union apprenticeship programs.  The number of women MA registered apprenticeship continues to increase, while the numbers for non-union programs remain flat.


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  1. Henry Mattuchio says:

    Great job and well deserved you people rock/ Henry Mattuchio Deputy Director Apprenticeship Mass.


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