Women’s participation in MA union apprenticeship reaches 10.4%, as of Q4 2021

The latest data on the participation of underrepresented groups in union registered apprenticeship shows continued progress in diversifying our union labor workforce.

For the 10th consecutive year, both the number and percent of the women in union apprenticeships in Massachusetts has gone up. That doesn’t mean things are perfect for tradeswomen in MA – they’re not; there’s lots more to do – but it does mean we’ve continued to be successful in increasing our numbers, and that is worth a moment of celebration .
Much appreciation to all the partners in PGTI’s integrated supply and demand strategy who are helping make this happen – tradeswomen, union apprenticeships, union contractors, local union staff, compliance officers, government officials, elected officials and more. As far as we’ve been able to get info, MA has the highest participation rate of women in apprenticeship in the US.


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