Girls in construction-related Voc Tech programs in MA exceed 20%!

Since PGTI and the Building Trades Unions began partnering with staff in Massachusetts Vocational Technical High Schools to ensure greater access and support for young women in construction-related education programs, the percent of females in these programs has steadily increased. In the 2021-22 school year, 21.1% of students in construction-related programs are female. Today, almost 14,000 young women in Massachusetts are receiving training that will prepare them to enter a union apprenticeship, an apprenticeship that provides free training and comes with a job that can lead to a rewarding career and financial security.

We thank the teachers, counselors and students who have built the statewide organization, Mass Girls in Trades, that has organized and led these successes. In partnership with community organizations, contractors, government, building trades unions, apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship programs, MAGIT has held annual conferences, workshops and career fairs. They have spearheaded the creation of Student Leadership Councils in over 20 Voc Tech schools. Girls in our Voc tech schools are now supported in choosing challenging “nontraditional” educational opportunities.

Voc Tech schools in Massachusetts have led the way to the goal of 20% women in the trades. It may be time to move the goal to 25% women in the trades!

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