Resources for Tradeswomen

The resources in this section provide additional information on the organizations, government policies, and research data that support, guide, and inform successful recruitment and retention efforts.

Recruitment and Retention

Tradeswomen have endured decades of isolation on the job. Many spent their entire careers with working with another woman. In a growing number of jurisdictions, that is no longer true and tradeswomen are ensuring that it will never be true again by forming their own networks in person and on social media. These are some of the sites where tradeswomen can find their sisters. 

Boston Union Trade Sisters is a private facebook group with over 500 members. Just ask to join.

Tradeswomen of Western Mass have their own facebook page. 

Tradeswomen Building Bridges is a network of tradeswomen building connections internationally.

The National Taskforce on Tradeswomen’s Issues is a national coalition of tradeswomen, allies, and advocates. 

bal brochure

Women need our help getting into the trades and staying in the trades. The Build A Life That Works Initiative reaches women who have not known about the opportunities and benefits of work in the union construction trades and provides them with regular updates and information on how to find these opportunities. Reach out to Build a Life at

Reach out to Build a Life at

Contact the Build A Life Pipeline Navigator Amy Courtney at or 857-800-8881.

Apprenticeships and Training

Childcare and Family Support

Tradeswomen Organizations & Leadership Development